Salmi of snipe, prairie chicken, fieldfares, and wild duck

(Recipe #165, page 117)

Line a kettle with a few slices of fresh ham, place the birds on top of it, and add a little salt, a few carrots, a few sliced shallots or onions, and butter. Cook the birds tightly covered until they begin to brown; add good meat stock, and continue cooking until the birds are quite tender. Then use a sharp knife to divide the birds into small dainty pieces, pound what cannot be divided into pieces in a mortar along with the lungs, liver, and ham, and strain it through a sieve with the broth. Add some chopped shallots and a pinch of pepper to this gravy and bring it to a boil with the meat.

Strictly speaking, the gravy for a salmi should be thickened only by the meat stirred with it, but other techniques may be used.

Translated by David Green.


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