Roasting snipe, partridge, black grouse, hazel grouse, or prairie chicken

(Recipe #158, page 116)

Prepare these birds for roasting like other fowl and sprinkle them with fine salt. Then wrap the breast with a thin slice of pork fat and cook very carefully for ½–1 hour on a spit or in a tightly covered earthenware pot over moderate heat with plenty of butter and a little water. Baste frequently and toward the end add an occasional tablespoon of sweet cream, or fresh milk if you have no cream.

Put the birds on a platter and loosen the coagulated juices with cold water; add a little milk to thicken the gravy and a bit add salt if needed while the gravy cooks down.

Note: The birds for roasting must be young, as shown by the yellow color of their legs.

Translated by David Green.


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