Roasted spring chicken, Southern German style

(Recipe #145, page 113)

Use fryers 6–8 weeks old. After cleaning and washing them, hold them for a minute in hot water, then in cold water, and cut them in two lengthwise with a sharp knife. Remove the backbone and then cut them in two crosswise, yielding 4 pieces of each chicken. Sprinkle the pieces with a little fine salt, dredge in fine flour, then dip each piece in eggs beaten with an equal quantity of water, then cover thoroughly with white breadcrumbs, and immediately fry them golden brown over moderate heat in a generous quantity of lard.

Put 8 pieces at a time in the hot lard, carefully moving the pan about to prevent scorching. They need only about 4 minutes to acquire a good color and be cooked through. To drain the fat, lay them on a few slices of bread while the other pieces are being cooked. Wash a handful of parsley leaves and dry them in a cloth; brown them lightly in the lard after taking it off the heat, to prevent foaming when the parsley is added. Arrange the chicken pieces in a mound on a heated platter wreathed with the fried parsley sprinkled with fine salt and top with a small bunch of parsley.

Translated by David Green.


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