Roast turkey

(Recipe #137, page 110)

If the turkey has been slaughtered and prepared according to the instructions in section I two to three days before roasting, bend the joints upward before cooking, lard it if you like or stuff it with the forcemeat described in section I, no. 10, 11, or 12. Sprinkle with some fine salt, cover the breast with thin slices of pork fat, and set the turkey in a very clean roasting pan. Add a generous amount of butter and boiling water, set the turkey covered over moderate heat, and boil without interruption in a scant broth for about 1½ hours or until the meat is almost done.

Then pour the broth into a bowl, place a generous piece of butter in the pan, set it in a hot oven, and roast—basting frequently, which is absolutely necessary—until the turkey is completely tender and golden but not brown. Add the broth gradually to the turkey; heavy cream will also make the gravy tastier. To serve stir 2 teaspoonfuls of flour in the roasting pan for a few minutes, add enough cold water to make a thick gravy; the coagulated juices in the pan must also be loosened and stirred into the gravy. While making the gravy, place the turkey on a very hot platter, place a slice of lemon in its beak, and decorate the edge of the platter with thin slices of lemon.

A young turkey needs 1½ hours to become tender, an older bird 3 hours or more.

Translated by David Green.

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