Roast snipe

(Recipe #161, pages 116 – 117)

Prepare the snipe for roasting following the directions in section I. Cover the breasts with fine slices of pork fat and bend the heads to make the bill point upwards. Set the snipe with cold butter on the stove, cover, and roast slowly for 1–1½ hours. Meanwhile toast slices of white bread and lay them under the snipe so that the interior will fall onto the bread while the birds are roasting. Arrange this “snipe toast” on a warm platter and place the snipe atop the slices.

The snipe can also be drawn before being roasted; in this case, remove the stomach and chop the viscera finely with some pork fat, a shallot, a little minced lemon peel, some white bread moistened in cold water and pressed, salt, and pepper. Spread this on the toast, which is best fried in lard until very crisp and juicy. When serving arrange the toast around the platter, pour the sauce over it, and lay a lemon cut into eight sections in the middle.

Translated by David Green.


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