Good chicken soup no. 1

(Recipe #14, page 31)

Take one large, fat chicken for every five persons. The chicken should be plucked clean the day before cooking. Wash well with cold water and rinse it out inside. Since some chickens can leave a strong after-taste in soup, it is good to soak the chicken for 1/4 hour in cold water. Cut off the legs and blanch them in hot water; remove the skin. Chop off the feet, bend the legs several times and place them together with heart and stomach with the chicken. Hold back the liver. It will be cooked in the soup only the last 3 minutes, where it will then be a welcome addition to the soup for the man of the house.

Set the chicken in enough boiling water and not too much salt, over high heat. Skim. Prepare it with regards to straining of the broth and sweating of the flour as in recipe no. 7. Add a large walnut-size piece of fresh butter to the soup. Let the soup cook slowly, covered, and uninterruptedly for about 3 hours.

One may cook rice, pearl barley, or shaped noodles as desired with the soup. Among types of mirepoix only parsley root, scorzonera, and asparagus are well-suited and should be added during the first 1/2 hour after clarifying the broth. Celery, leeks, and onions take away the fine chicken taste from the soup. Crayfish dumplings and crayfish butter are excellent for a fine chicken soup, and white bread or semolina dumplings are appropriate. Stir mace into the soup, as it is especially well-suited for chicken soup, or add a finely chopped parsley and 1 – 2 fresh egg yolks to the soup.

Chicken soup may not be thin, but should be nicely thickened. Above all, it should not be cooked till it is mushy, which would make it lose its goodness.

The chicken may be served with an appropriate chicken gravy.

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