Dainty fricassee of young spring chickens and pigeons with crayfish

(Recipe #143, page 112)

If you like, cut the chickens in quarters and the pigeons in half lengthwise to distinguish chickens from pigeons, though this is not necessary. Add some salt and a lot of fresh butter and place the tightly covered pan over moderate heat; turn the pieces over after a while; after ½ an hour add boiling bouillon, a few slices of a cored lemon, a bit of mace, and some fine zwieback crumbs and cook slowly covered until the meat is tender, being careful, however, not to let it begin to fall apart.

During the final quarter hour, add the following ingredients to the fricassee; their preparation is described in Section I, no. 17 etc.: veal sweetbreads, stuffed crayfish heads, morels, asparagus tips, and little sausages. When the fricassee is served, add white-bread dumplings cooked in bouillon or salted water, oysters, crayfish tails, and crayfish butter. Finish the sauce by stirring in 1–2 egg yolks. Elegantly presented, this dish is brought to the table with slices of puff pastry and takes the place of a vol-au-vent.

Note: If any of the specified ingredients are unavailable, they may be omitted. A regular fricassee is prepared in the same way, except that the fancier ingredients are omitted and boiling water is added instead of bouillon.

Translated by David Green.

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