Chicken with pearl barley

(Recipe #140, page 111)

Set a cleaned, nicely prepared chicken on the stove in salted water as though making soup but with less water (see the recipe for chicken soup in section II, no. 14), skim well, add a knob of butter and some mace, and cook slowly tightly covered. Meanwhile cook 3 ounces of pearl barley in chicken broth, adding the broth gradually, until it is very soft and finally so thin that it is easier to eat with a spoon than with a fork.

Then lay the chicken, cooked very tender and either left whole or carefully carved, in the center of a round bowl; pour the barley around it. Browned butter may be poured over the dish, but that is not necessary. This nourishing, easily digested, and tasty dish can also be made with beef; it is served as meat and vegetable in one.

Translated by David Green.


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