To keep game

(Recipe #128, page 107)

During the cold of winter, a hare will remain perfectly fresh for 8–14 days if left to hang with its fur in the open air. If necessary, it can be kept in vinegar for a few more days, but that does nothing to improve it.

The flesh of a deer, stag, or boar can be kept for a substantial period by means of the following technique: Divide the meat into roasts, sprinkle them with a bit of salt, make diagonal incisions in the meat with a sharp knife and insert strips of pork fat half the thickness of a finger that have been turned in ground salt, cloves, and allspice, along with shallots, and quickly brown them on all sides in a skillet.

When they are totally cold, pack them into a small keg or stoneware pot with a few onions, peppercorns, fresh juniper berries, a sliced lemon, and some salt. Add enough malt vinegar that has been brought to a boil and allowed to cool to cover the meat, and top with about 2 inches of melted suet to prevent contact with air. The meat can then be kept for a long time, while it acquires a pleasant taste from the marinade.

When a piece is removed, the fat has to be remelted and poured on top. The pieces can be made into meat pies, roasted, or stewed.

Translated by David Green.


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