Roast rabbit prepared like game

(Recipe #99, pages 99 – 100)

Three days before it is to be cooked, place the saddle of a full-grown rabbit in an earthenware bowl and pour the following marinade over it: ¼ quart of vinegar, ¼ quart of red wine (the last drops from the keg may be used), 4 chopped onions, a heaping teaspoon of fresh, coarsely ground juniper berries, a teaspoon of ground pepper, 3 bay leaves, and a few sprigs of thyme. Baste the saddle three times a day and turn it over daily. Then lard the roast like a hare, sprinkle it with salt, and roast it with sour cream as described in no. 98.

Particularly suitable accompaniments include brown- or red-cooked pears (omit cranberries from the latter) and applesauce with cranberries, fresh or preserved.

Translated by David Green.


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