Roast hare

(Recipe #133, page 109)

Roast the whole saddle and the two hind legs; use the rest for jugged hare. When cleaning the hare be careful that the anus is thoroughly cleaned and than no hairs that might have embedded by the shot remain. Then skin and lard the saddle as described in the general rules in section I.

Sprinkle the saddle with some salt and place it back upwards in an iron spider with a generous amount of butter and a scant cup of water, which will make the meat more delicate; wrap the feet in paper. Place it in a hot oven, with the heat from below not too intense, because otherwise it is easy to scorch the gravy.

As soon as the roast begins to brown, baste it occasionally with 1–2 cups of thick sweet cream. A generous amount of butter and cream (substitute milk if necessary) along with conscientious basting will keep the roast moist. The same technique makes the legs almost as tender and juicy as the saddle.

Roast a young hare for no more than ¾ hour, an older hare about 1–1½. As soon as it is easy to pierce the meat with a fork, remove it from the oven even if it cannot be served at once, because keeping it warm in the oven will dry it out. When the table is ready, put the pan back in the over for 10 minutes, basting the meat carefully; don’t forget to remove the paper when serving. Prepare the gravy as described in recipe no. 1.

Translated by David Green.

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