Rabbit fricassee (white ragout)

(Recipe #101, pages 100 – 101)

Cut the rabbit up into good-size pieces, leaving out the head, neck, lungs, and liver, and wash the meat. Then heat a large knob of butter, sweat a generous heaping tablespoon of flour in the butter until it turns golden, add the meat along with two finely chopped onions and salt, and simmer it on both sides for a bit. Then pour in enough boiling water to make the desired amount of gravy, add mushrooms if available, and don’t let the meat become too tender. If the gravy fails to thicken enough, very finely crumbled zwieback can be added; also stir in some finely grated nutmeg to give the gravy a tasty finish.

If you want to serve the fricassee with dumplings, cook rabbit, beef, or marrow dumplings separately; when serving, place some in the fricassee and others around it.

Note: Keep in mind that many bitter lemons find their way to the market every day, making many dishes unpalatable. Therefore taste the lemons before using them.

Translated by David Green.


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