Oven-roasted saddle of venison

(Recipe #131, page 108)

In the absence of a roasting pan with a hermetic closure, a pan with a fitted lid is recommended; closing it at the start keeps such roasts much moister and tastier.

Lard the saddle and heat a generous amount of diced pork fat in the pan, add a knob of butter, place the saddle in the pan with the larded side uppermost, and roast it for an hour. During this time and especially later remember to baste frequently, adding a half cup of boiling water as often as necessary to prevent the gravy from acquiring a burnt taste.

During the last half hour, use thick sour cream instead of water. In a moderate over, roast the meat for 2–2½ hours, depending on its age and size. Do not turn the roast. When serving add a little cold water to the gravy and stir it thoroughly; usually the addition of the cream makes the gravy thick enough; if not, add a very small amount of flour.

Translated by David Green.


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