Stewed liver

(Recipe #77, page 94)

The fresher calves’ liver is the better. It must be absolutely fresh when used, since after just one hot day it is unwholesome.

Wash the fresh liver, remove any membrane, and lard it: roll a large number of short strips of pork fat in a mixture of salt, pepper, and allspice, then make slits in the liver with a sharp knife and insert the lardons. Heat a generous amount of butter until it begins to brown and stew the liver in it, covered, for ¼ hour; then cover it halfway with boiling water, add half a plateful of minced onions, 2 bay leaves, and some more salt, allspice, and butter.

When the liver is almost tender, add white breadcrumbs, a generous spoonful of pear honey, syrup, or a small piece of sugar, vinegar, and (optionally) a glass of red wine.

The sauce must be copious and velvety. The cooking time is ¼ hour. Serve with boiled potatoes.

Note: It is easy to oversalt liver; this should be borne in mind when preparing these recipes.

Translated by David Green.


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