Stewed leg of mutton

(Recipe #89, pages 96 – 97)

Set a leg of mutton that is not too fresh and has been well pounded (see above) on the stove with water and Weißbier [wheat beer] (which must not be bitter), skim it, add cloves, peppercorns, 3 bay leaves, a few whole onions, and a bundle of fresh herbs such as tarragon, grape leaves, marjoram, and basil; stew slowly tightly covered for 2 hours.

Then pour off, strain, and reserve the broth, sprinkle the meat with a bit of fine salt and a tablespoon of flour, place butter under the meat, and brown it on both sides; it must be moved back and forth frequently to prevent it from scorching. Then add some of the broth without any fat, seedless lemon slices, pickles sliced lengthwise several times or fresh cucumbers with a cup of vinegar, and a handful of pearl onions.

Stew the mutton until it is completely done, which will take about 2½ hours. Serve it with some of the gravy and pass the rest with the cucumbers and onions.

Translated by David Green.

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