Fancy veal fricassee

(Recipe #62, pages 90 – 91)

Cut veal breast into small squares; to assure that the meat stays quite white, blanch it: after washing it in cold water, place it on the heat and just before the water comes to a boil dump the meat in cold water and dry it. Then place the pieces in a kettle with a generous amount of very hot fresh butter; simmer the meat slowly tightly covered for about ¼ hour, turning it once, but do not let it brown.

Then add enough boiling water to make sufficient sauce, along with salt, parsley roots cut into 1-inch lengths, and (optionally) mushrooms. Stew the meat slowly covered until tender but not too soft; this will take about 1 hour. ¼ hour before serving, several items may be added: sweetbreads, parboiled asparagus tips, small sausages, a few lemon slices, mace, and fine zwieback crumbs to thicken the grave.

When serving stir 1 egg yolk into the sauce, garnish the meat with crayfish, meat, or bread dumplings cooked in salted water, and pour the velvety sauce over all.

Translated by David Green.


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