Boiled calf’s head with gravy

(Recipe #68, pages 91 – 92)

Rinse the very fresh head of a large, well-fattened calf, clean it thoroughly, remove the upper lip, ears, and eyes, break off the lower jaw, remove the tongue (because it cooks better separately), wash the head, split it, then tie it together again. Cover it with water, add salt, skim and boil it until tender with whole spices, fresh herbs, onions, and bay leaves; this should take about 2 hours. It can be left in the broth until time to serve.

Then place it on a platter, remove the twine, prize it apart, sprinkle bread crumbs browned in butter on the brain, split the tongue and lay the halves beside the brain, pour some sauce over it and pass the rest. The recipe for the sauce will be found in section XVII, “Sauces.”

Translated by David Green.


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