To Fry Scrapple (German Panhas)

(Recipe #48, pages 87 – 88)

This economical and tasty dish for everyday meals can be made at any time, using either beef or pork, or even boiled soup meat or a tough roast (in which case a generous amount of pork fat should be chopped together with the meat). If scrapple is cooked long enough, it can be kept in an open container in a cool, well-ventilated place for up to 8 days in summer and 14 days in winter; it is therefore also recommended as a dish to have on hand as needed.

Cooked scrapple is fried as follows: heat butter or good fat in a frying pan, cut the scrapple into slices as thick as a small finger, and fry uncovered on both sides until they are crisp and have begun to brown. They must not be allowed to dry out; keep the interior moist. Serve the scrapple with potato dishes; it is especially tasty with potatoes and apples or applesauce.

Translated by David Green.


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