Hash instead of sausage

(Recipe #43, pages 86 – 87)

Boil a somewhat fatty chunk of beef in salted water until tender, skimming well; reserve the bouillon. Remove all the bones and chop the meat quite small. At the same time, blanch ¼ pound of rice for each 1½ pounds of meat, cook it in the beef bouillon until soft and thick, brown some butter lightly, stir in the meat, rice, ground allspice, nutmeg, and any additional salt that may be needed; sauté thoroughly and serve very hot.

Instead of rice, it is just as good to use fresh oatmeal groats soaked in water and cooked in the bouillon until thick. Grated stale white bread with bouillon is also very good, and can be highly recommended if you want to use most of the bouillon for soup. Such hash is especially tasty with applesauce.

Note: When the weather is cold, you can prepare several portions and keep them over in an open container made of porcelain or well-soaked stoneware kept in a well-ventilated spot; reheat thoroughly before serving.

Translated by David Green.

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