Braised roulades

(Recipe #40, pages 85 – 86)

Pound a piece of beef from the round, which should not be too fresh, cut it into lengthwise slices, pound them with a mallet (not the side of a knife), sprinkle them sparingly with a mixture of finely ground salt, allspice, and some mace or alternatively with some ground juniper berries. Place a thin slice of pork fat on each, roll them into tight roulades, tie them with twine, and dust them with flour.

Next put plenty of butter into a relatively large pot, heat it until it begins to brown, and turn the roulades on all sides in the butter. Place them close together and sauté them covered for 10 minutes over moderate heat; after the first 5 minutes, turn them over. Then pour enough rapidly boiling water next to them (not on top of them) to half cover them; quickly cover the pot tightly, weight the cover with an iron, and let the roulades braise over very moderate heat without opening the pot for a total of ¾–1 hour.

Cooking over too high heat or for too long will make the roulades dry. Then cut the twine and discard it and serve the roulades in their concentrated and thickened brown gravy. They are a tasty dish when served with fine vegetables; if the gravy is extended a bit, it can also be served with potatoes.

Translated by David Green.


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