White fricassee of tongue (delicious)

(Recipe #30, page 83)

After boiling the tongue in slightly salted water and cutting it as described in no. 28, allow a lot of butter to brown lightly, stir in 1 large minced onion and 2 tablespoons of flour, and add tongue broth (reduced substantially), a few seeded lemon slices, mace, some finely ground white pepper, and optionally ½ glass of white wine, and place the tongue in the boiling liquid. Simmer for ¼ hour and serve with small round meat dumplings cooked for a few minutes in leftover tongue broth or water, not allowing them to become too soft. Then pass the sauce (which must be quite thick) through a sieve, stir in 1 egg yolk, and pour it over the platter of tongue.

Optionally the fricassee can be flavored with anchovies, or mushrooms prepared as in I, no. 16 can be added to it. But since many are not fond of either and no one will miss anything in this delicious meat dish, it needs no further addition.

Note: If you are serving a meal to a large dinner party, the fricassee can be made the previous day without detracting in any way from it. It should then be placed on a grate in a hot oven in an old-fashioned tureen with a cover or allowed to reach a boil in a tightly covered earthenware dish; stirring is unnecessary. The sauce should be finished with the addition of the egg yolk just before it is served.

Translated by David Green.


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