Hillel, meet Stammtisch!

All right, we know some of these recipes cannot be kasherized, no matter how hard you try. Jägerschnitzel surely tempted many an Orthodox Jewish German citizen, who would not partake of that “staple” since the meat is usually cooked in a milk sauce. And pork roasts… !

But some of the recipes can be easily kashered simply by substituting vegetable oil for pork fat, or by using a cut of beef instead of pork.

If you have tips on how to kasherize a specific recipe, post it to the recipe. Use this space to talk about general substitutions.

Because really, Hillel meet Stammtisch. There is so much overlap between German and Jewish cooking – whether the kugel as we break the fast after Yom Kippur, or Hanukkah latkes (German potato pancakes), variations on the knish, even the crazy gefilte fish, it’s all part of a common history, common memories, common ancestry.

Here’s hoping that our obsession with food will bring us together at table and remind us of our common humanity!

Talk about it here.


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