Food Talk: Gendered Responses to Hunger in the Concentration Camps

Susan Benedict (Missouri City, Texas) pointed us to the following essay by Myrna Goldenberg: Food Talk – Gendered Responses to Hunger in the Concentration Camps (In (2003) Experience and Expression: Women, the Nazis and the Holocaust. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, p.161-179.)

Goldenberg’s treatise may make this translation of Henriette Davidis’ cookbook seem trivial. When one considers the starvation that those condemned to ‘life’ in a KZ-Lager endured, it is unbelievable – but true – that women would “cook with their mouths.” They would regale one another with memories of fabulous recipes, conjuring up feasts they once had enjoyed.

Read Goldenberg’s article, and talk about it here.

If you know of any other papers that discuss this subject, post a link to them in the comments below. As in the other threads in this category, we’ll start new discussions when you bring us good stuff!


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