Brown ragout with beef tongue (no. 1)

(Recipe #27, pages 82 – 83)

Since tongue easily becomes tainted, it must be used while quite fresh. Cut away the upright bone and the yellow spongy meat. Rub the tongue vigorously with salt and a bit of water, rinsing it until all the slime is gone.

Boil it in water with a little salt, skimming regularly, until it is tender; that should take 3–3½ hours. The tongue is done when it can be pierced easily with a fork. When the tongue is fully cooked, skin it and remove the loose meat at the root. Cut the tongue into slices about 1½ inches thick and divide the larger pieces once more. Otherwise follow the instructions for a fine brown ragout of chicken and pigeon toward the end of this IVth section—of course substituting tongue broth for the poultry broth used there.

One large beef tongue will serve 12.

Note: If possible cook the tongue in a narrow pot; less water will be used and the broth will be stronger. Add only a little salt when putting the pot on the stove; reduction can easily make the broth too salty.

Translated by David Green.


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