Stewed beef (very tasty)

(Recipe #20, pages 80 – 81)

Take 2 pounds or more of beef, not too fresh, from the center of the top round, pound it as directed in no. 1 until it feels tender, dredge it in flour with some pepper and a modest amount of salt, and stew it slowly in a small covered iron kettle in plenty of hot butter or an even larger quantity of fresh hot suet for ¾ of an hour. Add vigorously boiling water to cover the beef almost half way, quickly cover the kettle tightly so that the steam can permeate the meat, and simmer ¾–1 hour more. Serve the meat in its gravy with boiled potatoes. If there is not enough gravy, some water can be stirred in, if necessary thickening the gravy with some cornstarch mixed with water.

Translated by David Green.


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