Sauerbraten prepared like game, no. 3

(Recipe #12, page 78)

Take about 6 pounds of the same meat that would be used for ordinary sauerbraten, marinate it for up to 8 days in malt vinegar (see sauerbraten no. 1), and place it on the stove with ½ a pound of diced pork fat heated very hot, the requisite amount of salt, and (optionally) a few fresh juniper berries. Brown the meat on all sides, basting frequently; when it is about half done, lightly brown a level soup bowl of sliced onions in the fat, then gradually add a bowl of thick sour cream and braise the meat for a total of about 2½ hours over moderate heat; baste it frequently and turn it once without piercing it. The meat will thus be covered with the diced pork fat. When the meat is served, if the gravy has been overcooked, after removing the fat stir 2 cups of milk or water thoroughly into the drippings in the pot, heat well and serve with the meat.

Note: If a really good piece of meat is prepared in this way, you will have an excellent dish.

Translated by David Green.


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