Sauerbraten another way, no. 2

(Recipe #11, page 78)

Instead of marinating the meat in vinegar, cover it with fresh whey soured by the addition of vinegar. If you want to marinate the meat for some 8 days, in the summer it is good to replace the whey and vinegar every 2 days. Pound the meat, rub it with salt, brown it in butter, pour as much boiling water alongside it as is needed to cook the meat until done, add a bit of sugar, and cover the pot and weight it down. Braise the meat over moderate heat until tender, turning it once. Lengthy cooking by itself thickens the gravy somewhat, but you can also stir in a half-tablespoon of flour for a while; then proceed as above. After browning, the meat may also be cooked in sweet milk, which gives it a very pleasing taste.

Translated by David Green.


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