Roast beef in the oven

(Recipe #3, pages 74 – 75)

Earlier, when kitchen stoves were rare, spit roasting had the advantage over every other mode of preparation; even today we often find spit-roasted beef juicier and milder, because it needs less attention. But beef roasted in the oven can be just as tasty.

The cut and preparation are the same as described in no. 2. In addition, for a large roast take a pound of thick, firm suet and let it set overnight in cold water; cut it into small dice (you can substitute half suet and half pork fat), melt it on the stove in an absolutely clean roasting pan, place the roast (filet on top) sprinkled with finely ground salt in the pan, place it uncovered in a very hot oven so that it browns rapidly, then continue roasting it at a somewhat lower temperature, basting regularly. Both browning and basting are very important to prevent the meat juices from escaping, so that the roast becomes and remains much juicier.

Do not turn it or pierce it with a fork. Later add a half a cup of boiling water to the pan as necessary. The fat must remain clear and the gravy must retain its appealing taste. See no. 2 for further directions.

Note: The suet makes the roast extremely juice and acquires such a delicious flavor that it can be used like butter on vegetables.

Translated by David Green.



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