Pot roast

(Recipe #4, page 75)

See no. 1; take a piece of the top round with its thick strip of fat, avoiding the sinewy end toward the leg, and prepare it as in no. 2. Then heat a pound of suet (or half suet and half pork fat) that has been soaked overnight and cut into small dice in a kettle of appropriate size until the fat becomes clear; put the roast in the kettle and brown it lightly on all sides by moving it back and forth, without piercing it with a fork.

Then cover it with part of the diced fat, pour 1–2 cups of vigorously boiling water beside the roast, cover the kettle quickly with a closely fitting lid so that the resulting steam penetrates the roast, set it on the stove where it will cook without interruption but not too vigorously, and weight the cover with two weights or irons. Let the roast cook 2–2½ hours, depending on its size, turning it over once when half finished, inserting the fork into the fat, not the meat. For making the gravy, see no. 1; a cup of sour cream makes it especially good.

Translated by David Green.


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