Fine meat dumplings

(Recipe #22, page 81)

Either beef or pork may be used; the dish is excellent with either. Mince the meat as fine as possible, discarding all traces of membrane and sinew. Boil the scraps with a little salt to make bouillon and strain it through a sieve. A pound of minced meat with ¼ pound of good butter, 2 eggs, and ½ pound of stale white bread will serve 5 people.

If you are not bothered by the taste of onions, mince a few shallots or 1–2 onions and stew them in butter until soft, adding them to the meat. Add the egg yolks, the whites beaten until fluffy, some pepper and mace, the crumbled bread, a little cold water, and the requisite salt (taking into account the salt present in the butter); blend the mixture well and form it into small dumplings. Simmer the dumplings a few minutes in the bouillon seasoned with some mace, then turn them, bring them to a boil again, and remove them.

When no raw meat is visible inside the dumplings, they are done and must be quickly removed and covered. Add 2 lemon slices, some bread crumbs, minced anchovies and capers to taste, and return the dumplings to the thickened sauce and serve them in it. They are also served with boiled potatoes.

Note: If the dumplings are made of pork, bread them with white breadcrumbs before cooking and simmer them a few minutes longer.

Translated by David Green.


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