(Recipe #17, page 80)

If you want a good steak, it is best to use only the filet, hung for a few days to age. Remove any membrane, slice it an inch thick, then pound the slices somewhat thinner with the flat of a cleaver, trim them nicely, and dip them in clarified butter.

If they are to be pan broiled, brown some butter in a frying pan, lay the steaks in the pan, set the pan uncovered over moderately high heat, sprinkle the steaks with salt and pepper, and turn them frequently without piercing so as to keep the juice from escaping. They will be done in 4–5 minutes; this can be recognized when they feel firm to the flat of a knife. Place them on a platter and pour the hot butter over them.

Steak is often served with fried eggs: place one egg on each steak, optionally after trimming the egg’s edges smooth.

Note: A major requirement for a good steak is to brown it quickly on both sides to keep the juice from escaping.

Translated by David Green.


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