Beef roasted like rabbit

(Recipe #13, pages 78 – 79)

The filet is the best cut for this preparation; a 4–5 pound piece from the center of the top round, as for beefsteak, is also good. Age the meat for 2–3 days in the summer, when the temperature is warm, 5–6 days in the winter. Rinse it and pound it very tender as described in no. 1, press it back to its original form, and lard it with three rows of lardons like a rabbit.

Sprinkle it with some fine salt, brown it on all sides in plenty of butter, add a cup of fresh milk, and repeat whenever the gravy thickens too much; it should have a light brown color. The meat must cook slowly but without interruption, with frequent basting, until it is absolutely tender, usually taking about 2 hours.

Note: A roast prepared in this way is quite delicious. It will take about 1 quart of milk.

Translated by David Green.


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