Beef roasted in sour milk

(Recipe #14, page 79)

Take a cut like that used for sauerbraten, pound it very tender as described above, and rub it with a little salt and allspice or with some pepper and cloves. Then heat butter and pork fat or suet until it begins to brown, add the meat and brown it lightly on all sides, pushing it frequently back and forth to prevent it from scorching. When it has browned well, add a little thick soured milk a bit at a time, letting the meat braise at moderate heat tightly covered until it has become thoroughly tender.

In the summer, the meat can also just as well be held in thickened milk for 4 days before cooking without pounding. To protect it from flies, the meat should be covered with a mesh food cover or failing that a kitchen towel. The milk should be replaced every 2 days or even better every day. To cook sprinkle the roast with the necessary salt, place it dry in an uncovered pot, let the resulting broth evaporate, remove it, sprinkle it with the spices mentioned, brown it in fat, and proceed as described earlier.

When the roast is served, the gravy, which should be light brown and very smooth, can be mixed with cold water if necessary.

Translated by David Green.


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