Potatoes and apples

(Recipe #14, page 70)

Parboil the potatoes briefly, then boil them in fresh salted water until done. Peel sour apples cut into quarters or slices, remove the core, and wash well. Add them to the potatoes along with butter.

After the potatoes and apples have become quite soft, mash them thoroughly together; if the puree is too dry, add milk and heat it through.

This dish needs more butter than any other potato dish. But if you want to make it especially tasty, cook the potatoes by themselves until soft, drain, mash smooth, stir in boiling water, applesauce, and plenty of butter, and heat the puree thoroughly.

Sprinkling the serving dish liberally with fine zwieback crumbs browned lightly in butter makes this dish even more elegant and tasty.

You can also stir in some powdered sugar and a heaping cup of finely cut bacon fried with finely chopped onion.

Serve with roast hare, sauerbraten, roast veal, cutlets, roast duck, fresh beef sausage, fresh pork sausage, roast roulades, scrapple, grilled boiling meat, fried liver, hash, etc. Pfefferpotthast (Westphalian pepper-beef stew), which often accompanies this dish, is highly unsuitable because of its onion sauce.

Translated by David Green.


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