Sauerkraut with pike

(Recipe #57, page 64)

Cook the sauerkraut well with fat as described above. Scale the pike thoroughly, gut it, remove the head, and clamp the liver between the jaws. Place over heat with some butter, peppercorns, a few cloves and bay leaves, along with salt and enough boiling water to cover. When the head is half done, place it on a platter, cook the rest until soft, and carefully remove the bones.

Now arrange the sauerkraut in layers with the flesh of pike to make a mound in a bowl and pour some fresh cream over it. Sprinkle with zwieback crumbs, place the head with the liver in its mouth in the center of the mound and bake in the oven for about ½ hour until it begins to brown. To prevent damage to the head, while the fish is baking cover it with buttered parchment.

Crayfish can also be added to the dish. Stuff their heads with crayfish forcemeat, cook in salted water fish stock, and use the heads and tails as a garnish around the dish, giving it an attractive appearance and making it elegant.

Serve without side dishes.

Translated by David Green.


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