White cabbage

(Recipe #33, pages 58 – 59)

After removing the outer green leaves of the cabbage, cut it in half vertically, remove the core and coarser veins, and cut it into large chunks; cook quickly uncovered in plenty of vigorously boiling water, for 10 or at most 15 minutes, and place it in a colander. Boil some water, add drippings or suet, place the cabbage in the liquid and sprinkle with salt (not too much); top with a few pats of butter and let the cabbage steam tightly covered until quite soft. Since the cabbage absorbs both the fat and the salt, it does not have to be stirred and can be placed directly into the serving bowl with a slotted spoon. Cooked in this way, cabbage is a tasty and attractive dish. Potatoes can be cooked separately but can also be placed on top of the cabbage. In the latter case, after the cabbage has boiled for ¼ of an hour place the potatoes on top and distribute a few pats of butter and some salt over the potatoes instead of over the cabbage.

Translated by David Green.


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