Stuffed cabbage

(Recipe #35, page 59)

Make a forcemeat consisting of 8 ounces of finely chopped pork, 2-½ ounces of butter, 3–4 ounces of white bread without crusts squeezed in cold water, 2 eggs, salt, mace, and lemon peel. Take large leaves of white cabbage, soften them somewhat by blanching, and remove the veins. Place the leaves on a cutting board or flat platter, each overlapping half the previous leaf, spread them with a layer of forcemeat as thick as a straw, bring the ends together and roll the whole package together in the shape of a sausage and wrap with twine. Cook it about 1 hour in meat stock, butter, and mace.

After removing the twine, briefly boil down the cooking liquid and thicken it with potato flour to make gravy. Some add a bit of sugar to the gravy.

Translated by David Green.


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