(Recipe #40, page 60)

This dish—somewhat soft but very easy to digest—is especially recommended, since it can be prepared in ¼ hour. Peel the cucumbers, which should have the diameter of a large bottle, cut them into long pieces as thick as a finger, toss them into boiling salted water and cook them until they begin to soften; that takes only a few minutes. Meanwhile make a light roux with a teaspoon of flour and a knob of butter, stir in fresh milk, season it with nutmeg, and let the cucumbers stew in it; they should resemble cauliflower. When the pot is taken off the stove, you can also stir in some vinegar, as in the preparation of butter beans; alternatively stew the cucumbers in a strong meat stock with mace, salt, and crumbled zwieback lightly cooked in butter. Instead of meat stock you can also use water with an addition of meat extract.

Side dishes: Meatballs, roast chicken, and especially any salted or smoked meat.

Translated by David Green.


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