(Recipe #21, page 55)

Peel and wash the bulbous stems, then cut them into strips or slices, removing all tough portions. Cook until tender in boiling salted water. Then make a roux with melted butter or suet, add fresh milk or meat stock to taste, along with nutmeg and salt, and stew the kohlrabi. If the kohlrabi were harvested young, the heart leaves can be sliced thin and boiled separately, mixed with butter and meat stock, and placed as a garnish around the kohlrabi, stewed and served like cauliflower. If the leaves are no longer tender enough, surround the kohlrabi with sausages or sliced sweetbreads and serve with cutlets, meat patties, roulades, or meatballs.

Preparation time will be about 1½ hours.

Note: Blue kohlrabi is preferable to white kohlrabi; it is milder and doesn’t become moldy as easily as the white.

Translated by David Green.

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