Another method (broad or fava beans)

(Recipe #20, page 54)

Dice some smoked bacon, fry slowly, add some flour and make a light brown roux. Stir in boiling water, a pat of butter, and salt to taste. Add the beans that have been boiled until tender and drained, with optional chopped parsley or savory, and stew rapidly in the court-bouillon; they must not be overcooked or stirred to separate. You can also lightly brown rashers of bacon, stew the beans with the fat released, and serve the bacon with the beans.

Or you can boil a piece of lean bacon, reserve the fat, heat it piping hot in a different pot, make a roux with some flour, stir in some of the stock from bacon, and stew the beans in it as above and serve them with the bacon.

Translated by David Green.


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