May turnips (Mairüben)

(Recipe #16, page 53)

Cut the turnips into large dice or, if you prefer, narrow strips, set them on the stove with boiling meat stock or water and fat. Add salt and boil until tender; add a large or small pinch of cornstarch mixed with water, or sprinkle some flour sideways into the stock and place a few pats of butter on top. When the turnips are served, grate nutmeg over them and add boiled potatoes.

If the turnips are somewhat bitter, as many soils and fertilizers tend to make them, boil them in plenty of water until they are half done. After being boiled they can be stewed like rapini or Brussels sprouts, but then they must be boiled until tender. Depending on how soft they were to start, this can take 1–1¼ hours.

Turnips are also good cooked with potatoes. When the turnips are half done, place medium-size potatoes on top of them, sprinkle with the necessary amount of salt, and cook the vegetables firmly covered until soft, but don’t let them boil dry. Then top with several pats of butter. It is best to remove the vegetables carefully with a slotted spoon to prevent stirring from making them mushy.

Pork or lamb chops and bratwurst on the side.

Note: Having a high water content, turnips need much less water to cook in than any other vegetable; therefore they have to be watched carefully.

Translated by David Green.


One thought on “May turnips (Mairüben)

  1. This is exactly the way my mother cooked turnips – with potatoes! She learned it from her grandmother, my great-grandmother.

    It’s the only way I can eat turnips.

    She used bouillon instead of just water for cooking the turnips.

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