Sprouts with Winter Green Cabbage or Winter Kale

(Recipe #3, page 48)

When these have been picked over (in the spring) and washed, tie them in bundles, cook them thoroughly in boiling salted water, and place them in a colander. Immediately cut the twine with a scissors and remove it. Arrange the bundles on a hot platter; sprinkle them with finely powdered zwieback and nutmeg, and serve a sour egg sauce on the side.

This cabbage can also be prepared like Brussels sprouts; a little vinegar may be added to taste. The cooking time is the same as in no. 2.

Dishes that go well with this include smoked meat, meatballs, bratwurst, stuffed breast of veal, liver, kidney toasts, baked eggs, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and blintzes.

Translated by David Green.


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