Chard or Silverbeet

(Recipe #7, page 50)

Among the many varieties of chard, the best is the one with whitish-green leaves. It can serve as a special vegetable as well as being prepared for everyday meals. Cook the young, tender leaves like spinach, except that they must be rinsed after boiling. If they are older and no longer tender, strip the leaves from the ribs. Slice the ribs thin and cut them into finger-length pieces, boil them in salted water until tender, and steam them like Brussel sprouts. These ribs can also be eaten with a rather thick asparagus sauce. Boil the leaves until done, chop them, and cook them with potatoes, salt, and some bacon fried just enough to remove the fat.

Cooking time 1 hour.

Chard prepared like spinach can be accompanied by the same side dishes; when cooked like Brussel sprouts, the side dishes served with Brussel sprouts are appropriate.

Translated by David Green.


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