Butter cabbage

(Recipe #4, page 49)

This highly rewarding cabbage, which yields a very healthful and tasty vegetable dish, deserves to be cultivated widely.

Wash the leaves thoroughly and slice them thin on a cutting board by grasping a handful firmly, rinsing it once more, and cooking it in plenty of boiling water until tender. The strong flavor of this cabbage in summer can be eliminated by soaking it for a while in water after cooking. Then drop it into a colander and press it out firmly with a slotted spoon. It may then be finished in either of two ways:

1) Heat some butter and add some flour, stirring until the flour begins to brown. Beat in boiling water, add salt, and steam the cabbage in the pot. When serving stir in some cream and set it out with a small bowl of boiled potatoes and some kind of meat. Ham, smoked meat, fried liver, bratwurst, meatballs, etc. are appropriate.

2) Boil a small piece of bacon and add the broth to the cabbage, or bring water with fat and salt to a boil, add potatoes, and lay the boiled cabbage on top. As soon as the potatoes are done, stir the cabbage thoroughly (it must be boiled until juicy). If the cabbage has not been thickened by the potatoes, stir in 1–2 coarsely grated potatoes. For any vegetables cooked this way, grated potatoes are an excellent thickener.

Cooking time 1½ hours.

Translated by David Green.


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