Quick bouillon

(Recipe #2, pages 27-28)

Take half of a fresh egg yolk, salt, a little nutmeg, and about half a teaspoon of fresh butter (this may be omitted), and mix in an eight-ounce bouillon bowl. Add 1/2 tsp beef extract. Mix. Gradually add a cup of boiling water.

The remaining half of the egg yolk can be stored in a cool place, covered with a TBS of cold water, for use on the next day.

Alternately, the eight-ounce bouillon bowl can be filled with a cup of boiling water, stirring in beef extract and salt.

One may also mix the beef extract and salt with flavorful cooked groats [e.g. cooked oatmeal]. The groats should be neither too thick nor too thin. Beef extract and salt added to groats instead of boiling water makes for a flavorful and pungent drink.


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