Clear white beef soup

(Recipe #4, pages 28-29)

For a flavorful soup for a community meal, calculate 3/4 pound of meat per person for a small party; for a larger party, calculate 1/2 pound meat per person. The bouillon will be especially good if one cooks an old chicken and two pounds of veal with the beef; one may also use less beef in this manner. The beef soup will also be improved if one adds calf’s sweetbread [e.g. heart, thymus, gullet, neck]. Cook using 1/3 again as much water as one wishes to have soup. For a community meal, calculate one pint [2 cups] of soup per person, and cook as instructed above.

After the bouillon has been strained through a hair sieve [Haarsieb], add a little mirepoix, for example: several pieces of celery root or parsley root, but not too much. Severl scorzonera roots would also be good in the soup, if one has such. Let the bouillon continue to cook. Occasionally skim off the fat, because the fat would detract from the fine flavor.

Half an hour before serving, one may add cooked asparagus, if that will not be served as a vegetable at the meal, or a piece of sliced calf’s sweetbread (cooking instructions for calf’s sweetbread in the introduction). Neither should cook to pieces in the bouillon, however.

If the meat is cooked well-done but not too tender, one may remove it and let dumplings of one’s choice cook therein. Prepare the bouillon such that crab legs [lit. crab tails, alternately crawfish tails] are placed at the bottom of the [soup] tureen. The crab legs may not be boiled, because the crab meat would become tough. Simultaneously, one can boil rice (approximately 1/2 TBS per person) in the clarified broth. One must calculate that much more meat, cooked thoroughly and till thick. The grains [of rice] must remain whole. If desired, the soup may be served with grated parmesan.

A new addition to [beef] soup: Stewed tomatoes. See sauces for preparation.

Beef soup must cook for at least 3 hours from the time it starts boiling.

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