Poor Knights (Arme Ritter – French toast)

(Recipe #56, page 183)

Cut the crusts off slices of good white bread, then slice bread in slices about 1″ wide. Cook about 1/2 quart of milk till warm, add 3 whole eggs, a little mace [Muskatblüte] or cinnamon, 1 TBS sugar, and beat all ingredients together. Soften bread slices in the mixture. While slices are softening in mixture, toast bread crusts. Dip the slices in the beaten egg, press both sides into the crusts. Bake in hot butter until the outsides are crispy but the insides are still soft. Sprinkle with sugar and serve with compote.

[Note: The instructions to “dip in beaten egg” seem redundant, and I think Davidis was saying to “sandwich” the soft, egg-soaked bread between pieces of the crust. Also, “bake” is actual translation of “backen” – but I think we would say to fry.]


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